The Confederation of the Nordic Associations

The Confederation of the Nordic Associations

The Confederation of the Nordic Associations (FNF) organises cooperation between the national Nordic Associations in the 5 nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland) and the 3 autonomous areas (the Faroe Islands, Greenland and the Åland Islands): 

  • The Nordic Association in Denmark
  • The Nordic Association in Finland
  • The Nordic Association on the Faroe Islands
  • The Nordic Association in Iceland
  • The Nordic Association in Norway
  • The Nordic Association in Sweden
  • The Nordic Association on the Åland Islands
  • The Nordic Association's Youth Section (FNUF)

The FNF works closely with the Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Council to facilitate the best possible cooperation between the Nordic voluntary organisations and the official Nordic cooperation bodies.

The FNF is actively involved in neighbouring areas in Northern Europe and also works with organisations in the Baltics and Russia. The FNF has a vision of developing the Nordic countries into a region of opportunity through knowledge, friendship and cooperation. It is the goal of the FNF to spread awareness of the other Nordic languages, culture, history and society. The national Nordic Associations work in the areas of business, culture, education, environment and mass media.

The task of the FNF is to coordinate the common interests of the national Nordic Associations to strengthen Nordic cooperation at all levels.

The principal programme of the FNF is based on the priorities set by the national Nordic Associations for their national work.

The FNF also cooperates with Eesti Põhjala Ühing (the Nordic Association in Estonia), Biedrība Norden Latvija (the Nordic Association in Latvia) and the Nordic Association in Petrozavodsk.

The FNF's highest decision-making body is its Presidium, which is composed of the chairmen of the national Nordic Associations.

In 2015, the FNF manages a number of Nordic projects:

  • Nordic Network
  • Norden at School
  • Nordjobb
  • Nordic Library Week
  • Nordic Author Visit
  • Nordic Language Coordination
  • The Great Nordic Climate Challenge